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Rock On v3

Rock On v3 by Sadek Baroudi. With case STLs.
Published October 29, 2022

Sadek Baroudi ( keeps tweaking his Rock On design – compare it to this one from earlier this year. V3 now supports a center trackball or trackpad.


  • Elite-C footprint (but no AVR supported)
  • Trackball support (PMW3360)
  • Cirque trackpad support
  • Per key RGB (SK6812 mini-e)
  • MX and Choc v1 hotswap
  • 3 keys at the bottom for mouse clicks
  • Support for up to 3 rotary encoders, one under each palm, and one in the center of the 3 bottom keys
  • Wireless support (but you lose support for the center rotary encoder)
  • QMK and ZMK firmware

Case STLs

While the project isn't open source, the case STLs are available at:

Published on Sat 29th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #100 (source).

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