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Rocksolid prototype

Rocksolid is a collab between tenstaana and a mashup of their Chunky and Rock on keyboards.
Published June 6, 2022
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Merging Sadek Baroudi's Rock on and his Chunky (here and here), tenstaana announced a collab materializing in a new design called Rocksolid.

Here's the rocksolid, the collab board made by me and sadekbaroudi. Just think of it as my Chunky fused with's rock on – tenstaana.

Being the love child of Chunky, a feature-rich true split, and Rock on, a unibody design with display on the more convenient end of the spectrum, it's no surprise the Rocksolid became a powerhouse of features.

Although not open-source, here's an impressive list of specs for inspiration:


  • Integrated type-C USB hub
  • QMK and ZMK support. This board has 3 MCUs. The main PCB runs on a RP2040, the trackpoint controller runs on an STM32F411. In addition, the bottom plate houses a Holyiot 181010 BLE module.
  • Metal ball tact switches for additional (stylish) control (3 up top, 2 on the 2u bottom cluster).
  • There are three choices for battery mounting, PH, SH, or good old through hole mounts.
  • Support for EC11-type and roller encoders.
  • Rocker switches on both sides for additional control/keys for minimal footprint. "I map mine to increase/decrease trackpad and trackpoint DPI on the go."
  • Cirque 35 mm trackpad
  • SK8707 trackpoint
  • Super nice RGB OLED
  • Support for Adafruit Sharp Memory display for wireless use.
  • Per key RGB and underglow support (both for ZMK and QMK). For ZMK, the RGB is on a separate power domain so you can turn it off without turning the screen off.
  • Haptic feedback
  • Choice of either i2c or SPI eeprom.
  • Aluminum plates

The guys are up to design an aluminium case and to improve spacing.

More photos in the original Reddit post.

And yet some more photos here.

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Published on Mon 6th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #81 (source).


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