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Rubber Dometyl

A concave Hall effect rubber dome keyboard by Beheddard.

In this first functional full build of a rubber Dometyl magnets are attached to the bottom of Niz stems, and brought down over omnipolar (non-linear) Hall effect sensors directly wired to a Teensy 2.0.

This arrangement was chosen for the first build as it does not require any custom scanning / matrix code in QMK. When I foray into my second build, I will probably put in the work to figure out the multiplexing and custom scanning required to use linear sensors with configurable thresholds – Beheddard.


  • Niz EC housings / stems
  • DES BKE domes. Tiffany on the pinkies, purple on the rest.
  • 2x1 neodymium magnets
  • AH3572 hall effect sensors
  • Kelowna 205G0 lube

Sound test:

Project page with more pictures and details on GitHub:

Published on Fri 12th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #52 (source).

Tags: split3D



The Splay46 is a stacked acrylic gasket mounted split by kobakos32 with angled columns (repo).

YAEMK keyboard

The YAEMK keyboard by KarlK90 is running QMK on an ARM or RISC-V MCU (site, repo).


The Musashi60 by 2ten1 is a split with number row, trackpoints and open source PCB (git).