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Russian army computer

A rugged computer used by the Russian army – seized by their Ukrainian hosts.
Published March 10, 2022

Not much info about this one but I thought it fits the blog anyway.

Allegedly, it's a machine for encrypting/decoding phone transmissions.

An apparently heavy cyberdeck-ish construction with moderately low-pro caps and a "split spacebar".

I gave up on translating the texts after "Don't use it without grounding!" – or something similar.

Feel free to help me out if you understand Russian or have more info.


u/notshitashi was kind enough to translate the rest of the texts.

Top right is encryption key. Then we have:

"ATTENTION! Changing password and access key should only be commenced with accumulator turned on"

And the bottom right one with the arrow:

"It's forbidden to close display panel while device К1634ДК4 is installed"

Ofc I can't confirm these but thanks anyway notshitashi!

Published on Thu 10th Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #69 (source).

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