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SKUF keyboard feet

The open-source SKUF is an attempt to standardize the rubber feet used for custom mechanical keyboard projects.
Published January 7, 2022

Well, nothing new here. These files were published back in 2020.

However, I wasn't aware of this initiative until reading this week's Keebio newsletter:

Instead of the small, semi-sphere bumper feet (I affectionately nickname 'jelly feet') we are now going to be using more lengthy bumpers! A solid base for a keyboard to rest upon, and it prevents shifting movement as it has a nicely gripping smooth texture – keebio.

The SKUF, which stands for Silicone Keyboard Universalised Feet, is an attempt to standardize the rubber feet used for custom mechanical keyboard projects. According to the SKUF project page, it has initially been envisioned by users Salvun, Soran, Wilba and Zambumon, and the GitHub page hosts the implementation used by Salvun.

The dimensions are 41.8×5.8mm and the ideal SALVUN SKUF slot should be 42×6×0.5mm, with Ø6mm endcaps and a 0.1mm×45° chamfer.

So while the files are open-source, Keebio will stock these silicon feet too.

Published on Fri 7th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #60 (source).

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