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Sneftel shared the SOWGull, a split version of his original Gull keyboard.
Published June 17, 2024
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The SOWGull, introduced by Sneftel, is a split variant of the Gull v1, originally an ergo unibody split with keywell and unique thumb cluster or rather thumb cage. Like the Gull, SOWGull involves no 3D printing or handwiring, and was designed for rapid constructibility with laser cut acrylic parts.


Gull and SOWGull differ only by the center board and supporting platform, and one can be converted into the other in just a few minutes.

I’m particularly happy with the design of SOWGull’s main board, which is rotatable rather than reversible, involves no solder bridges, and measures only 4cm on a side – Sneftel.

Several improvements to Gull have also come in with this version, most notably the offset thumb cluster which eliminates thumb tuck and allows for more customizable positioning. The centerboard, pelvis, and spines are unchanged and can be reused from V1.


The design came about when I was making a different keyboard, Heron. Gull was meant to be a way to quickly iterate on the angles and such without having to make a Heron each time to test (a very pretty keyboard, but a nightmare to assemble). I do think this has independent value, though, as an easy and quick keywell keyboard to make – Sneftel.



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Published on Mon 17th Jun 2024. Featured in KBD #167 (source).


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