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The SPC EVDR by weteor is a cute ortholinear keyboard with a little twist: offset space cluster.
Published November 22, 2022

I've never thought I could be surprised by an ortho board, but that's exactly what happened when weteor reached out to me after releasing the files of his aptly named SPC EVDR, which comes after the author's Tipper and 3W6 designs.

It's called SPC EVDR and is a 10x4 ortholinear keyboard with recessed spacebars and support for an encoder and OLED display. I wanted to design an orthoboard that looks a bit different to the usual Planck types – weteor.

The board supports either the XIAO BLE or XIAO RP2040. The case is custom designed and printed in black resin with accent layers/inlays cut from matte blue acrylic.

It was meant to be an entrant to the SEEED Fusion keyboard contest, but unfortunately weteor missed the deadline by 2 days.


  • hotswap MX
  • XIAO controller (via IO expander)
  • encoder (12 mm knob diameter)
  • OLED
  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • case with optional acrylic accents
  • ZMK firmware support (on Seeed Xiao or Seeed Xiao BLE )

I really dig the offset space cluster so asked the author for his inspiration:

I am not aware of another ortho doing this. I made it for the most part to a) design and b) to move the thumbs a bit away from the alphas, which is more comfortable for me coming from split / unibody split keyboards. I think there are a few staggered boards that do this, too – weteor.

Eagle-eyed readers may spot two katakana caps put on the wrong way, but one of those is intentionally flipped to angle the key towards the user. Other than that, the author uses Colemak and other alternative layouts so legends don't have much function.


All files (pcb, case freecad and stl) are published under permissive CERN-OHL2 license on github:

Published on Tue 22nd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #104 (source).

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