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SR Mont Cervin

SR Mont Cervin by Syryan is a versatile Alice/EM8 form factor monoblock split.
Published August 24, 2022
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Sorry, this is a Korean group buy. I usually try to avoid both ICs and GBs, but some features of Syryan's (SR Industry) SR Mont Cervin raised my attention.

I have to confess, at first glance I thought this was a split keyboard which, via an optional case, can be turned into a monoblock one. That's definitely not what's going on here – however, it would be a cool concept.

Regardless, the Mont Cervin is still a versatile "system" with all the magnetic elements, the unique center bar, and the angled bottom plate capable of adjusting the default 0° slope by 6° or -6°.

The -6/6° values might have changed since the first prototype because the site indicates 2.5°, 7° and -2° typing angles.

EDIT: Yep, the base slope of the second prototype is 2.5°, and the bottom plate angle is 4.5°.

This is an asymmetric design with 9° tenting on the left and 8° on the right.

The video review by DBOKEY introduces the first prototype:

The first prototype of the Mont Cervin. Many points have been changed in the second prototype. Please refer to the overall concept, the combination method, and the hard typing feeling of the thick base plate – DBOKEY.

More photos:

GB: Korea - Aug 17/31, World - Sep.

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Published on Wed 24th Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #92 (source).



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