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Saddle keycap profile

A great write-up on the evolution and ergonomics of 大岡俊彦's saddle keycap profile.
Published December 13, 2021

This unique spherical profile turns a flat plate (and ortho layout) into a tented shape with convex surface (at least on the X axis).

Instead following the common concave design approaches (e.g. Dactyl), the author builds on the legacy of the Hansen Writing Ball. Ergonomically related projects are Yukari's Lime40 and the Willow layout.

"Yes, the hand is made to grab the ball!"

The keycaps in action:

Read the full article here for a detailed introduction to the concept. The article is part of the Keyboard Advent Calender, make sure you check the other posts too!

Published on Mon 13th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #56 (source).

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