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Ottimo's Salisbury is a nice 35% keyboard with symmetric layout. Built by wayduh.
Published January 16, 2023
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Ottimo's (aka subottimale) Salisbury was inspired by marksard's stonehenge30. It has a symmetric layout, but adds an extra row, so 33-35 keys altogether.

You can't see the silk screen in the photo above (wayduh's build), but beside Stonehenge there is also a steak depicted on the PCB:

Salisbury = megaliths + steak. I liked my stonehenge30 but wanted a spacebar. Also…steak – Ottimo.


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Published on Mon 16th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).



Kiencovn shared the files of his matmat35, a cute handwired keyboard with a QAZ/HHKB layout.


Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by u/dj_edit.


Kazik is a cute 30% keyboard by monokēēbs – with versatile PCB, XIAO RP2040, and Japanese duplex matrix!


Tony Jeffree's MiniNova is a cute 30% staggered keyboard with exposed diodes.

32-key buckling spring keyboard

This 32-key IBM/QAZ buckling spring keyboard was committed by u/Pocketfullofbugs.

µ10 keyboard

The µ10 or Micro10 by u/dj_edit is a small 28-key keyboard with a big spacebar.