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Sally is a 3D printed split keyboard with a staggered Alice-like layout – designed by keeb_carving.
Published January 24, 2024
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Fellow redditor keeb_carving aka STRMSKY shared some files of this handwired(?) keyboard: the layout of Sally is derived from that of Alice keyboards, and was designed to meet the author's specific needs.

I couldn't find staggered split keyboard with thumb cluster and B letters on both sides so I decided to make my own – keeb_carving.

The board consists of 59 keys (57 x 1u + 2 x 1.5u), and features pretty uniquely arranged thumb clusters.


Design goals

  • physically split layout
  • numeric row (for gaming)
  • row staggered layout
  • thumb cluster
  • mostly 1u keys
  • letter B is accessible in both right and left half



KLE layout code and files for 3D printing on github:

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Published on Wed 24th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #152 (source).

Tags: split3D


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