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Samoklava, a generative split

Samoklava is a generative split keyboard design with a noteworthy workflow by sound_monster.
Published December 13, 2021

The Samoklava is another 5x3 split keyboard with 3 thumb keys – we've seen many similar layouts before. However, the author shares his impressive workflow to generate the PCB and plate files.

There is nothing unique about the keyboard layout. It's inspired by Corne and Kyria, and has the exact number of keys needed for the Miryoku layout – Leo Batyuk.

The declarative design ("samoklava" can be loosely translated as "keyboard that assembles itself" from Russian) utilizes the following tools:

  • Layout is declared using Ergogen
  • The build system uses Ergogen to translate YAML to a KiCad PCB and plate files for FR-4 fab or laser cutting
  • uses kicad-automation-scripts and FreeRouting to automatically route the traces on the PCB
  • uses KiKit to render PCB previews and production-ready Gerber files

Github repo:

Published on Mon 13th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #56 (source).

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