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Scotto34 PCB

The Scotto34 (PCB Edition) is a low-profile 34-key split monoblock ortholinear keyboard by Joe Scotto. Choc spacing, hotswap, exposed controller.
Published July 28, 2023
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The Scotto34 (PCB Edition) by Joe Scotto is a low-profile 34-key split monoblock ortholinear keyboard that uses 18x17mm spaced Choc switches, hotswap sockets, and an exposed controller in the middle.

I released my first PCB board recently. The Scotto34 was originally a handwired board and my first to use Choc switches. It turned out to be really comfortable for gaming and an overall easy design to convert, so that’s what I did – Joe.

The PCB is not open-sourced like the author's handwired stuff but is available for sale at

It's hotswap and uses 18x17mm Choc switches, both V1 and V2, although V2 are harder because of the spacing. Everything gets powered off a centrally mounted Raspberry Pi Pico.

The board is fully compatible with QMK having firmware on the main repo along with the configurator. It also features Vial compatibility with pre-compiled firmware available on my site.


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Published on Fri 28th Jul 2023. Featured in KBD #129.


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