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Joe Scotto keeps churning out his handwired designs. This time the ScottoFly.
Published October 12, 2022
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The ScottoFly is a 3D-printed monoblock split shared by Joe Scotto (designer of the ScottoCMD and MANY other keyboards).

This is my most recent handwired board that I fully designed and printed, the ScottoFly – Joe_Scotto.

The ScottoFly's halves have a slant angle of 20 degrees (40 degrees altogether) and 36 keys in total. The case itself is printed completely solid which makes it both heavy (for being 3D printed) and sound a lot less hollow than a 3D printed case normally would.


As usual with Joe's handwired projects, the files are available for free:

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Published on Wed 12th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #99 (source).



Joe Scotto's latest handwired project is a unibody split: ScottoErgo with aviator connector.


Sadek Baroudi's Arachnophobe is a 30-key choc/mx monoblock split using any Seeed XIAO controller.

awlpaul - a 3D printed Alice-like

The awlpaul is a 3D printed gasket mount Alice-like keyboard by LockreyAlfie with a rotary encoder (photolog).


A 3D-printed handwired monoblock split by 70rch: torch0.


The Reviung-inspired ReviungDash47 by tumler comes with some extra keys.

Adelheid build

The Adelheid by floookay is an Arisu-fork with function keys (repo). Built by Ok_Promotion_6175.