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Joe Scotto's ScottoKatana is a 33-key handwired keyboard with symmetric stagger.
Published January 4, 2024
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I've been always a big fan of the symmetric katana layout, originally popularized by RominRonin's keyboards as early as 2015. It simply makes sense. That's why I'm glad to see more and more people discovering it: e.g. Joe Scotto, the handwiring guy, presenting his new ScottoKatana with a similar layout.

The ScottoKatana is a 33-key handwired, 3D printed, katanaish staggered keyboard in a uniquely shaped case, with a 6.25u spacebar and two 1.5u function keys.

I recently found out about katana layout and wanted to give it a go because it’s kinda an alternative to ortholinear. The board here is the first version with an integrated plate design but “V2” will be a double gasket mount. It’s very comfortable but more importantly, I think it’s my best sounding board yet – Joe.

In the author's opinion, something about not having metal standoffs as a mount is doing a lot for the sound and feel.


He also printed everything completely solid so the entire board weighs over a pound. In addition to all of that, even the keycaps are 3D printed.


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Published on Thu 4th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #149.



Ottimo's Salisbury is a nice 35% keyboard with symmetric layout. Built by wayduh.


Takeshi Nishio's Sandy is a multi-PCB approach to mimic a keywell on his Jones keyboard.

Bluetooth low profile board with symmetrical stagger

Bluetooth low profile board with symmetrical stagger by SouthPawEngineer. Included solar trickle charging, an encoder, and a nav switch.


Mangokitty published the files of the Tanto, a 40% with Katana-stlye symmetric layout.


The Splaynck by kIt5uN3FP is a 40% unibody keyboard with symmetrical stagger.


The Pyramidka is a 3d printed, handwired, 40% keyboard shared by aroum.