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The ScottoLong is the newest handwired keyboard by Joe_Scotto, this time an ortho with 7u spacebar.
Published November 9, 2022
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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of my handwired boards, but don’t worry… I’m not done. This is my most recent one, the ScottoLong, named that way because of the longboi 7u spacebar – Joe Scotto.

As usual with all of Joe's keyboards, all the files are available in his GitHub repo:

ScottoLong typing test:

A build video is scheduled to go live on YouTube this Friday.



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Published on Wed 9th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #102 (source).


OLKB terminal

An OLKB terminal by jeffeb3 featuring a Void30.


The Pohjola Works Sotka is an ortholinear split keyboard with an optional extra row.

PD40 ortho

The PD40 is a 40% handwired wireless ortho by Peter Dye – with case files and build log.


Travis Mick published his tamago60, an open-source 60-key ortholinear keyboard with a joystick in the middle.

Penkesu deck

Penkesu is a retro-style cyberdeck by u/penkia with a wide screen and a built-in low-pro ortho keyboard with "dye-sub" MBK caps.

Preonic + Plank

u/MomonaBoy's Preonic + Plank combo became his ultimate gaming keyboard.