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Joe Scotto is back with a very low profile handwired unibody split: ScottoWings.
Published November 28, 2023
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The ScottoWing is a low-profile 34/40-key split monoblock ergonomic column-staggered keyboard that uses 18x17mm spaced Choc switches – designed, handwired and shared by Joe Scotto.

It's been months since I've released a new board and the day has finally come where I do so. This board is the ScottoWing which is my thinnest handwired keyboard yet measuring roughly less than 20mm tall – Joe.

The ScottoWing is using Choc silvers because of their transparent housing which perfectly pairs with the resin printed """glass" keycaps. The controller is an RP2040 Zero but the board is also compatible with a USB-C Arduino Pro Micro. Because of the sandwhich mount design, Joe was able to wire this board a lot cleaner than his other builds.

One thing you probably notice is how many screws the board has, that was both a stylistic and functionality choice:

Because it's so thin, the plate flexes a lot… using 48 standoffs with 96 screws was the solution to this.


  • 34/40 keys (3x5 or 3x6 plus thumb keys)
  • low-pro Choc switches, Choc spacing
  • RP2040 Zero controller
  • handwired
  • 48 standoffs and 96 screws


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Published on Tue 28th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #145 (source).



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