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Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform

Presenting the Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform by Fmcraft.

The Scylla is a 6x4+5 dactyl manuform.

It's an evolution of the TBK - the author is trying to build the endgame of dactyl manuform.

Features (mostly same as dactyl manuforms):

  • split compact ergonomic keyboard
  • keywell and column-staggered
  • same layout as a dactyl manuform Mini
  • per-key RGB (optional)
  • low profile
  • comes with QMK and online configurator
  • tenting base, 30 degrees (optional)
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Technical details:

  • will come in DIY kits and prebuilts
  • flexible PCBs
  • ribbon cables, M4 torx screws and inserts
  • USB-C on both sides (using elite-C and open-sourced Shield PCBs)
  • audio jack
  • custom 3d printed case, .15mm layer height prusament galaxy black printed on prusa mk3s
  • Print settings

    Printed at .15 layer height with a .4 nozzle, with prusament galaxy black on a prusa mk3s and mk3s+.

    Having a clean design for the 3d file helps a lot (this was really hard using the dacman code but much more feasible in CAD) (more details & close-up).

    Gallery: Video:

    Published on Fri 30th Apr 2021. Featured in KBD #24 (source).

    Tags: split3D



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