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ScyllaBallz - a tractyl Manuform by tenstaana with OLEDs, roller encoders, audio, and per key RGB.
Published November 8, 2021
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Build gallery:

This is an evolution of the author's DouBallz.

The case is a modified Scylla case by fmcraft (

Since I don’t wanna spend a lot of time handwiring everything, I also got the Scylla electronics kit. The trackball mount I use here is the same design from my Douballz build. Everything fis detachable from the controller using flexstrips, JST and molex connectors.

The controller is an F411 blackpill since all the QMK features used here would not fit in an AtMega32u4. Blackpill carrier board done by RMI-KB, "jumping off from fmcraft’s Elite-C design".

My ortho advised me against thumb trackballs since they promote RSI. These are setup to be finger trackballs – tenstaana.

Firmware is adapted from drashna’s tractyl Manuform code.

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Published on Mon 8th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #51 (source).

Tags: split3D


Velotype Pro

Not the usual monoblock split: the Velotype Pro is actually a chorded keyboard.

Another steno one

A custom keyboard for stenography by silly_world.

Manibus: a split aluminum keyboard

The Manibus is a split ergo aluminum keyboard by DrFish96 featuring magnetic wrist rests.

Redox build

A Redox-based build by kubami with great build log.

3D board from laser cut acrylic

This keyboard housing by kobakos32 is built entirely from laser cut acrylic parts (git).


This open-source split ortho PCB by Cedutus, named after a Finnish dish, is called Lihis.