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ScyllaBallz Rev 2.5

ScyllaBallz Rev 2.5 by tenstaana – a Skylla on steroids.
Published December 16, 2022
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If it weren't the name, it would be not so easy to tell at this point that the base for tenstaana's SkyllaBallz was Quentin's Skylla.

Now with the ST7789. Files are in my GitHub (modded flex pcbs, MCU plate, 3d and acrylic files). No build guide yet. Use at your own risk – tenstaana.

Just to make it clear, the trackball is not for the thumb:

Finger trackballing


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Published on Fri 16th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #107 (source).



Wojciech Baranowski's Viosuo is an arm-strapped keyboard for standing work.


Early prototype for the Avlo44 by jrp22.

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Ximi is a split keyboard prototype with dual trackball/trackpad support – by Sadek Baroudi.


The RART45 is a unibody angled split by Alabahuy with Atmel328p and exposed through-hole components.


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