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Seagull macropad

Kea Workshop's Claude published his Seagull macropad - with MX/Choc support and exposed diodes.
Published May 6, 2024
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After his Rhino Pad, Kea's Claude is back with another open-source device: the Seagull is a 4x4 macropad compatible with both MX and Chock hotswap sockets.

The Seagull Macropad is based off the Rhino Pad, that supports both MX and Choc switches – Claude.


  • 16 (4x4) keys
  • MX or Choc, hotswap
  • Pro Micro footprint
  • encoder
  • exposed diode array
  • display
  • wireless support (pads for a battery and battery switch)
  • magnetic sandwich case



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Published on Mon 6th May 2024. Featured in KBD #164.


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