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Sejin Electron EAT-1010

Sejin Electron EAT-1010 posted by Catoflado1.
Published June 20, 2021

This Sejin Electron EAT-1010 features Futaba MA clicky switches.

Typing test:

The EAT-1010 was manufactured by Sejin Electron in Korea, with Futaba MA switches. A price tag in the back suggests that it was sold with warranty in 1998.

Futaba MA switches are incredibly smooth to type, much better than any current gamer keyboard with Cherry MX, which are all terribly scratchy – Catoflado1

The sound is loud and metallic on account of the Plate Spring design that this switch uses, especially in the upstroke, but the thick ABS double shot keycaps give it a kinda bassier and full sound.

Published on Sun 20th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).

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