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ProtieusKeeb's monoblock Sentinel, inspired by Le Chiffre, comes with an interchangeable trackball unit.
Published December 11, 2023
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The Sentinel, ProtieusKeeb's latest design, is a 37-key unisplit keyboard inspired by Le Chiffre but with more aggressive pinky stagger. It has an interchangeable trackball (either 34mm or 25mm).

I have a new keeb that has just been printed. It is called the Sentinel – protieusz.

The Gerber files are available on Github but the trackball unit is not since it is @ma_po_daisuki's design – link to his Booth store in the repo.

The Sentinel also needs the core PCB which is the OmegaSupreme MCU unit that has the PMW3360 sensor on it.

For Protieusz's summary of the year with all the keyboard he released recently, check out his article in the MK Advent Calendar.


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Published on Mon 11th Dec 2023. Featured in KBD #147.



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