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Sephirette keyboard

Designed by u/smores56 and built by u/Bacowned, the Sephirette is a cute little split with 34 keys.
Published February 3, 2022

It seems I totally missed Sam Mohr aka smores56 publishing his Sephirette about a month ago but, thanks to Bacowned who posted some pics of his own build, here is a short post about this cute 30%-ish board.

The Sephirette is a split 34-key keyboard with pinky clusters. It is the split version of the Osprette MX, designed by me, which itself was inspired by the Balbuzard by brow – smores56.

The board is available as a kit from the author's shop and the source files are on GitHub as well:

The design is derived from the author's other PCB, the Osprette MX:

The Sephirette takes the Osprette MX and clefts it in twain!

It's the same spacing but comes with a stacked plate case. With FR4 switch plates and bottom plates, you can maintain a relatively low profile and get the protection and weight of a case.

The kit supports wired and wireless builds, with room for TRRS jacks, reset switches, power switches, and battery terminal through holes all available.

Considering there are no diodes needed with this few keys per side, this is a fairly simple build. "Just add switches and caps."

The art from Perce is based on my love of all things Final Fantasy and the one-winged nature of this split bird board – smores56.

Published on Thu 3rd Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #64 (source).

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