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Shiratama keycaps

Shiratama is a yummy-looking keycap profile designed by @taneyats.
Published July 29, 2022

It seems @taneyats keeps churning out new keycap designs. After his gorgeous hollow 3D caps he posted the Shiratama profile this time.

You can see multiple iterations on Twitter, but in general, these caps remind me of an aesthetically pleasing, roundish XDA – with the tiny difference that I can't stand XDA but I'm in love with these. :D

The name is 白玉 (alphabetically Shiratama, meaning rice cake ball) profile. It features a flat and wide top surface, dull edges, and is yummy-looking (maybe Japanese and Chinese people can comprehend...) – @taneyats.

I have to say, without being too familiar with Japanese cuisine, even my mouth is watering by just looking at these tasty keycaps.


Other than being a uniform, spherical profile, the Shiratama caps are of course MX compatible.

In the first place, the author intended to develop more flat and thin keycaps but the stem length did not allow that.

According to taneyats, MX stems have to be more than 3mm in length. So he made the keycaps thicker because of the stem, but fortunately this resulted in this rice cake or XDA-like shape.

Please note that [the stem] is considerably more delicate than a normal keycap. When removing from the key switch, be sure to use the key puller and pull it straight out. If it doesn't fit the key switch, scrape the inside – taneyats.

Unfortunately, the profile is not open source at the time of writing this. However, taneyats will start selling the final version of the keycaps in early August, simultaneously publishing the STL or similar digital file which will be free for personal use.


Resin printed keycaps of some early batches (beta version) were available at, and the page is also for notification:

Other than that, check out the author's Twitter channel for more photos: @taneyats

Published on Fri 29th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #89.

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