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Jason Hazel's shortstack is an ultrathin split ortho with Kailh X switches.
Published March 6, 2023
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Jason Hazel aka quirk is back with another open-source keyboard featuring Kailh's X switches: shortstack. After the columnarly staggered split Dust and the single-piece ortho Crepe, this one is a split ortho.

shortstack, yet another simple board using the Kailh X Switches. Nothing exciting, just a thin split ortho – quirk.


  • 48 keys, 6x4 ortho halves
  • Kailh X switches
  • Pro Micro footprint
  • TRRS

After all his projects involving Kailh's ultra-low switches, Jason has to be one of the most experienced member of the community in this field, so his opinion may come in handy for those contemplating on investing in these quite expensive switches:

I've installed about 120 of them without a single failure. Pretty sure QA has gotten better since Deshipu was playing with them.

I love the way they feel, just wish they were lighter. I can't use them for extended periods of time so most things I've designed using them end up being used more as a macropad than keyboard.


As announced in KBD#114, Jason launched an online store offering these PCBs. Check out Hazel's Garage and don't forget the KBDNEWS coupon code (5% off)!

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Published on Mon 6th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #115 (source).



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