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Siemens Unity 2

A pimped-up Siemens Unity 2 "Super Silent Keyboard" posted by catsontuesday.
Published April 18, 2022

Fellow Redditor catsontuesday found a gorgeous Siemens keyboard with missing keys, but the challenge didn't frighten him.

The Siemens Unity 2 is allegedly a rare GMK board with GMK caps and MX Black switches. Full NKRO (diodes on every switch) and PS2/USB connectors.

It has a rubber sheet over the switches that make the keys feel HIDEOUSLY spongy but very quiet as well – catsontuesday.

This is a device for an audiometry machine (the metal knobs are audio seekers to be used in the Siemens software) so proper soundproofing makes sense.

More pictures about a similar model with photos of the rubber membrane in this DT thread.

Published on Mon 18th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #74.

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