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Skyline keyboard

Mark Roukema's first custom build is the Skyline Keyboard – split, columnar stagger, splay, designed via Ergogen.
Published October 7, 2022
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Mark Roukema aka demibyte shared his first design: the Skyline.

Generated via Ergogen, the Skyline is a nice split ergo keyboard with serious vertical stagger and some splay, sporting Elite-C devboards and also hosting a 3D Connexion SpaceMouse.

I wanted to experiment with a board that encouraged a slightly flatter, less claw like, hand position. Essentially something that matches my hands' natural resting position. I couldn't find anything that was exactly what I was looking for however; thus the Skyline keyboard was born – demibyte.

Aside from the serious if not extreme stagger and splay, another remarkable feature is the 3D Connexion SpaceMouse integration. Both sides have input for the mouse and it mounts to a switch plate with cutout for it included.


However, the mouse position was designed with MX switches in mind. Obviously, you can see Choc ones in the photos so – according to the author – "making use of the 3D Connexion mouse will have to wait until the next iteration".


More photos in the original r/mk post.

Design files and keymaps can be found at:

I wouldn't encourage anyone to print this as is however. This being my first build there were mistakes made. Most notably I wired my diodes in series by mistake and had to get a little creative to get the top row of keys functional as a consequence – Mark.
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Published on Fri 7th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #98 (source).



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I'm used to artisans, but these mint & strawberry chocolate themed Lime40s are the first artisan keyboards I've ever seen (designed by eukalin_, posted by hiddenbox4).


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