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SlabV by u/brickbots is a 36% keyboard with stacked acrylic construction and silicone gaskets.
Published March 18, 2022
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SlabV is the MX version of the chocV with some new twists by brickbots.

A 36-key MX keyboard based on the Horizon by skarrmann with an acrylic stacked case featuring multiple full coverage silicone gaskets.

Rather than use an inert PCB for the bottom plate like the Horizon or chocV, I used the same idea to cut acrylic and silicone to fit directly against the active PCB – brickbots.

Layers of acrylic and silicone gasket sit above the PCB making the whole thing essentially single piece which is fully damped with gaskets between all layers.

According to the author, "it has a very solid and deep sound without any echo as there are no hollow spaces".

Image album:

GitHub repo with all the files, parts list and build guide:

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Published on Fri 18th Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #70 (source).


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