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Small elephant42

A modified elephant42 stripped off some thumb keys. Built by tinamus.
Published May 30, 2021
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Maybe this one should be called elephant38, but anyways:

The elephant42 is an open source design by illness072 (repo).

It comes with a comprehensive build guide.

(This split design is nothing new but I just realized it wasn't featured in KBD yet.)

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Published on Sun 30th May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


Swept Corne

A wireless-only cross between the Sweep and the Corne: Swept Corne by u/Additional-Stock3711.


EVEN44 is a split keyboard by u/fmash16 – 3D printed, handwired, 3x6+4 keys with an encoder.


Enigma36 - A handwired unibody keyboard with underglow and trackpoint by sadekbaroudi.

Cantaloupe V2.0

The Cantaloupe V2.0 is a reversible open-source ergo split keyboard by u/BucketInABucket with on-board ARM processor.


wEnki44 is a wireless version of the split Enki42, published by aroum.


Author Oplivion made a video of his LI-SPLIT88 split keyboard.