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SmartKnob is an open-source input device with software-configurable endstops and virtual detents – designed by Scott Bezek.
Published April 18, 2022
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A brushless gimbal motor is paired with a magnetic encoder to provide closed-loop torque feedback control, making it possible to dynamically create and adjust the feel of detents and endstops.

Internally, everything is powered by an ESP32, with a TMC6300 BLDC motor driver, HX711 strain gauge ADC, VEML7700 ambient light sensor, and more! – Scott Bezek.

Check out this demo:

Since you can't feel the detents through the video, Scott suggests you to turn up the volume so you can at least hear them, particularly the fine-grained detents toward the end of the video.

The best thing? It's open-source/open/hardware:

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Published on Mon 18th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #74 (source).



The Gigapad is a wireless macropad designed by Eric Pietrowicz.

Chordie updated

The chording keyboard you shouldn't be scared of, Chordie by kbjunky, has been updated.


Samuel Stephenson shared the files of Quill, a nice hotswap macropad with encoders.

Mod Mmm

Another project by Ming-Gih Lam: Mod Mmm PCB for the IBM Model M to turn it into a hotswap MX keyboard.


Easonstons shared Apodiformbird, a 18-key minimalist monoblock split inspired by the Hummingbird.


Sebastian Stumpf shared the files of his Abomination, a classy split keyboard with trackpad and some splay.