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Protieus(z) published his Smile36, a cute sub-40% keyboard with an encoder and Grin layout.
Published July 9, 2023
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After boards like the HiveMind, Vimana and Batarang, the Smile36 by Protieus(z) is a tiny keyboard inspired by Policium's Grin. (If you need a quick recap, Policium talked about the evolution of his layouts here.)

This is my first sponsored keeb by PCBWay. The Smile36, a GRIN inspired keyboard that is 40%. Policium had a 40% but I don't think it has been released as GB yet – Protieus(z).

The layout was manually drawn out in KLE by approximation. The Smile36 started out as a handwired build, and the author ran into issues with the first PCB, so the project's latest version is Rev8.


  • 36 keys, Grin layout
  • no hotswap sockets
  • Waveshare RP2040-Zero controller
  • encoder


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Published on Sun 9th Jul 2023. Featured in KBD #127.


Masonry keyboard

The Masonry by dj_edit is another ergoish columnar keyboard projected on a rectangular keyboard shape.


After teasing it earlier, Jason Hazel redesigned and published the Chaz, a cute Choc-spaced QAZ-alike.

Modified Rosaline

Rpiguy9907 crammed a numpad into Paul James' Rosaline - originally a through-hole 40% in a 60% case.

Curse 46

The Curse 46 by hypermagpie has an interesting placement of an ISO Enter key.

Model D

Recreating the Model F look and feel: the Model D is a 40% Buckling springs keyboard built by u/crahamson.


Mangokitty published the files of the Tanto, a 40% with Katana-stlye symmetric layout.