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Smiling Orca keycap

The Smiling Orca, shared by u/leo_beekeeb, is a low-profile keycap optimized for Choc spacing.
Published July 17, 2022
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Leo from Beekeeb shared the STL file of this Smiling Orca keycap. The profile is for Kailh Choc PG1350 v1 switches and is remixed from FredMF's Choc keycap.

During the facelift, the top part has been scaled to 16.5mm * 16.5mm (with Choc-spaced PCBs in mind), and chamfers has been added to the stems.

Ignore the caption, I chose this photo to showcase the texture of the surface (click to enlarge):


The STL file is available here:

Or you can buy the caps 3D printed with resin or nylon at beekeeb.

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Published on Sun 17th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #87 (source).


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