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Socket comparison

Comparison of Mill Max sockets 0305 vs 7305 vs Holtite. Posted by kriscables.
Published June 27, 2021

Mill Max sockets 0305 - budget, good if you have enough room between the PCB and the case, easier than 7305 to solder

Mill Max sockets 7305 - more expensive than 0305, good if you don't have a lot of room between your PCB and the case, more difficult than 0305 to solder.

Holtite - more expensive than 7305, good if you don't have a lot of room between your PCB and the case, no need to be soldered, but more difficult than 7305 if decided to be soldered.

According to ninelenovo, Mill-Max also makes 3305 sockets now, which are made specifically for keyboards.

They come in the same lengths as 7305's and 0305's, but also a new in-between length (3.3mm; roughly the same length as a switch pin). The lip is also thinner than 7305 (0.25mm vs 7305's 0.36mm), allowing the switch to sit closer to the PCB.

Unfortunately, even the non-gold version of 3305 is slightly more expensive than 7305.

Published on Sun 27th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #32 (source).

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