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Sony BKE-9400A

Cipulot posted some photos of his latest find: an electro-capacitive Sony BKE-9400A.
Published July 17, 2022

Yet another great find…. And in the EU too ? The GIGACHAD Sony BKE-9400A in really really nice conditions – Cipulot.

As you can guess from Cipulot's activity (e.g. the EC87 post here on, this keyboard is an electro-capacitive one.

According to this Deskthority page, the Sony BKE-9400A Editing Keyboard sports Topre switches but was probably not assembled by Topre.

Published on Sun 17th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #87 (source).

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Intertype machine

An Intertype, a typecasting machine, spotted in the wild by mejicat.

IBM 5291

Kirkwood1994 picked up a beautiful IBM 5291 terminal.

IBM System 32 5320

Wow! This beast is built into a desk and its "display" is a tractor feed printer. Shared by neetoday.


Sharktastica posted an IBM CANPOS (Compact Alphanumeric Point Of Sale) keyboard with a pointing stick.

Data General 6246-A

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IBM 3178 C1 mod

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