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Sound test compilation #15

This is a list of 11 sound tests published this week in a single megapack.
Published June 7, 2021
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(Cover image by Q.)

You can find and compare these (and much more) typing tests in the Keyboard Sound Database.


    7v + Gateron Ink Blacks Sesame + Gateron Milky Yellows Gaff60 + Gateron Black Ink V1s Monstargear XO K80 Alu + Boba U4T Singa Unikorn R2.1 + Pinya NK65 + Gateron Black Ink v2 + GMK WOB 7V + SP-Star Meteor Whites Gateron Blacks Inks SKB60 V1 + Moyu Blacks Mode 80 + Mauves Lily58 Pro + Akko CS Ocean Blue



Thanks again to all the contributors, namely: BooleanBean, JEZ Keebs, MxEmily, Q., Rebult Keyboards, Rosey Pham, RRythe, Sean Dunne, smackswell, susboards and Zerranoman.

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Published on Mon 7th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #29 (source).


QAZer Beam

The QAZer Beam is a QAZ in a beamspring-like case designed by u/Pocketfullofbugs.

Switch sound tester

Don tries to standardize sound tests with his testing rig.

That click

Here is a tip from riskable if you want to make some noise.

Sound test compilation #7

This is a list of 19 sound tests published this week in a single megapack.

NMB Intergraph AQ6

This fancy Intergraph AQ6 is just a rubberdome keyboard, but definitely not your usual membrane one. And it's part of gamedev history.

Hall effect sound test

A sound test of riskable's Hall effect keyboard introduced in KBD Issue 5.