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SpUnLy58 1.2

Giraffasax updated the SpUnly58. Iteration V1.2 of this monoblock split comes with adjusted spacing, splay, and stagger.
Published October 17, 2023
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Compared to the original SpUnLy58, Giraffasax made several changes to the layout and PCB of this wireless split.

The creatively named SpUnLy58 (Splayed Unibody LiLy58) has been slightly refined to fix previous oversights and improve my personal comfort – Giraffasax.

In the original post on reddit you can find some cost breakdown and review of the service of PCBWay, sponsor of this project. (Let me know if the KBDNEWS coupon code still works.)



  • 58 keys (6x4+4)
  • Choc V1 support (hotswap and soldered)
  • wireless (Nice!Nano v2)
  • Nice!View Support
  • JST Battery Connector

Updates (v1.1 and v1.2)

  • Reduced vertical spacing from 18mm -> 17mm
  • Increased battery cutout from 36x52mm -> 37x57mm
  • Fixed incorrect JST connector footprint
  • Removed inner and outer column splay
  • Increased pinky stagger
  • Reduced thumb key spacing and increased fan angle
  • Added Ground fill

FK custom keycaps again? The third post with these custom MBK caps in a row.


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Published on Tue 17th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #140 (source).



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