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Spacepad Micro

The Spacepad Micro is a tiny universal macropad by SouthPawEngineer.
Published May 8, 2021
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The Spacepad Micro is a tiny yet highly functional keyboard accessory. This macropad is a completely programmable and customizable keyboard that can be programmed with any Pro Micro compatible controller. It was originally built as a handy, compact way to replace the navigation cluster (arrow keys, home/end, page up/down).

The Spacepad Micro has a number of options - you can use a rotary dial to control volume and mute, or you can use any MX switch, or any Choc (v1 or v2) switch of your choosing. It also has a built-in RGB LED as well as the ability to chain more of them together should you desire.

The default firmware is QMK, but you can use QMK, make it wireless with ZMK or BlueMicro, or even use Arduino, CircuitPython or Micropython - it's a great way to teach the programming basics of any of these environments. Of course, you can make it easy - use QMK Toolbox or the tool of your choice to download or build the default .HEX file and you're up and running.

An Arduino Pro Micro or similar compatible controller (Elite-C, Sparkfun Pro Micro C, nice!nano, etc.) is required and this board was designed to go directly on top of one.

On the left is a Sparkfun Pro Micro C with USB-C in a socketed configuration, and the other two are the simple cheap Pro Micro clones we all know.

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Published on Sat 8th May 2021. Featured in KBD #25 (source).

Tags: macropad


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