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Span keyboard

Span is a split with trackpoint support by Idan of holykeebs – in the footsteps of the GergoPlex.
Published October 26, 2023
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Span is an open-source, 3x5 column staggered, low profile split keyboard with 2u, 1.5u and 1u thumb clusters. Designed by Idan of Holykeebs, it supports his trackball and trackpoint modules.

The pcbs aren't reversible at the moment: I prefer the cleaner look of the top side and generally think it's easier to deal with. A reversible version may be added in the future – Idan.

The keyboard layout is derived from GergoPlex, a keyboard that was originally available on (has since closed).


  • 36 keys (3x5+3)
  • 18x17 mm Choc spacing
  • Hybrid hotswap / direct soldering for switches.
  • Optional 2u Choc stabilizer
  • OLED support
  • Trackpoint/trackball support


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Published on Thu 26th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #141 (source).


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