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Atsushi Morimoto's Sparrow62 is a split keyboard sporting a single Pi Pico with KMK.
Published May 1, 2022

First things first: the latest iteration of Sparrow62 (v2.0.5) has actually 63 keys while the silk screen on the PCB reads "Sparrow64". This is an error of the legend.

Unfortunately, just like many other Japanese models, the Sparrow62 is closed-source and is distributed as a kit on However, I thought it's worth sharing anyway.

Designed by Atsushi Morimoto aka @74th, the Sparrow62 is a split initially inspired by the Lily58.


  • Driven by a single Pi Pico (and an MCP23017 IO expander).
  • The layout is columnarly staggered, but the stagger is so slight I'd consider it an ortho.
  • It's hotswap and can be used with MX, and Choc v1/v2 switches.
  • Compatible with 60% keycap sets.
  • USB Type-C

It comes with a detailed build guide, and a "height guide" suggesting setups for different keyboard heights (from 15mm to 23mm).

Published on Sun 1st May 2022. Featured in KBD #76.

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