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The Splaynck by kIt5uN3FP is a 40% unibody keyboard with symmetrical stagger.
Published January 31, 2023
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Inspired by RominRonin's Katana60, kIt5uN3FP aka Maker-Gitsune published his handwired, 3D-printed 40% keyboard with symmetrical stagger: the Splaynck.

I couldn't find [a mechanical keyboard] that was exactly what I wanted, so I made it myself. I was inspired by the SICK-68 and the Katana60. It has gotten me through a semester (with coding) and ~10k words of prose amongst other things – kIt5uN3FP.


  • 40% (45 keys)
  • no stabilizers
  • Symmetrical, isometric stagger
  • handwired

If you are interested in these mirrored symmetrical layouts, you should check out my interview with RominRonin, Takeshi Nishio's Nora or the Infernum. But even Ottimo's Salisbury-1859.html.


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Published on Tue 31st Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #113 (source).



The Pyramidka is a 3d printed, handwired, 40% keyboard shared by aroum.


Takeshi Nishio's Sandy is a multi-PCB approach to mimic a keywell on his Jones keyboard.


Joe Scotto's ScottoKatana is a 33-key handwired keyboard with symmetric stagger.


Mangokitty published the files of the Tanto, a 40% with Katana-stlye symmetric layout.

Larva mk.3

Grezeh's Larva keyboard is a Katana style symmetric layout with combined Latin+Cyrillic keymap in mind.

Bluetooth low profile board with symmetrical stagger

Bluetooth low profile board with symmetrical stagger by SouthPawEngineer. Included solar trickle charging, an encoder, and a nav switch.