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An open-source split by Christopher Hoage loosely based on the Ergodash: Spleeb.
Published March 22, 2023

Inspired by forebears like the Ergodash and Dilemma, Christopher Hoage came up with his Spleeb, a split keyboard designed via Ergogen.

This split keyboard is created using Ergogen and the routing done manually, copied back into the yaml file. This was inspired a lot by the Ergodash which I used for about a year but wanted something that fit my use and hands a bit better – chrishoage.

Not being a big fan of excessive layer usage, and many of the popular split 3x5 keyboards rely heavily on layers, Chris basically adjusted the mods and thumb cluster of the Ergodash layout to better fit his needs.


  • 5x7 layout, MX
  • Reversible PCB
  • RP2040 MCU
  • Optional rotary encoder replacing the bottom left key switch
  • OLED screen covering the MCU
  • Cirque touchpad
  • 3D printed case
  • No RGB


Published on Wed 22nd Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #117 (source).

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