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Split Banana

The wireless Split Banana by u/dapperrogue is another take on his Banana macropad.
Published September 16, 2022
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Last year, Dan Bostian aka dapperrouge released the Banana, an open-source, 3d-printed,, handwired macropad – I successfully resisted to feature it back then because I try to avoid posting meme boards.

However, I'm short on content this week, and Dan released the Banana Split recently.

I cut my Banana macropad in half. Also open source, also 3d printed, also deliciously fruit-themed… but now split and wireless! This time around, it even has a PCB – dapperrogue.

Obviously, this is still a meme project but at least split, even if I wouldn't call it ergonomic – maybe if the curvature would be reversed or the cable put on the other side.

(As fellow Redditor AuthenticDanger pointed out, there was a 60% PCB by the same Banana Split name and sold by TheVanKeyboards.)


Files (STLs, Gerbers) and instructions are available on GitHub:

And the original unsplit project:

It's worth checking out both repos even if you don't care the files because of the disastrous puns in the Q&A.

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Published on Fri 16th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #95 (source).


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