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Split bluetooth keyboard

TerranceN made a split Bluetooth 36-key keyboard with self-milled PCB.
Published January 2, 2022
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This unnamed 36-key split Bluetooth prototype keyboard is powered by nice!nano V2s running ZMK.

The milled PCB (gallery) was designed in KiCad, CAM in flatcam, and milled on a Genmitsu 1810 CNC router.

More pictures here:

Answering a question about the PCB routing TerranceN told:

Yup, I milled them using flatcam and a Genmitsu 1810 CNC Router. The one I bought came with a comically warped X-axis lead screw, which (I think) led to a bunch of manual cleanup/scraping of isolation routes after milling, so I can't say I recommend it unless you have time to tinker with it / dial it in. Was super cheap though ($200)!
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Published on Sun 2nd Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #59 (source).


Rocksolid prototype

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Avalanche v2.1 keyboard

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