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Squeezebox Keyboard

Squeezebox keyboard by focusaurus. With customizable column offset and practically two home rows.

This split keyboard has some nice features, e.g. staggered linear columns with customizable offsets.

Additionally, the very tight spacing of the keys in the middle and bottom rows allows chording without finger repositioning.

Blog post with details:

Published on Fri 23rd Apr 2021. Featured in KBD #23 (source).


Pteron36 finalized

The design of Pteron36, an open source 36 key split keyboard by smart345bond, is finalized.



Pteron56: Alexander's handwired build is based on FSund's design. Some new plates added to the project.

ergoJOY maximus

The ergoJOY maximus is an original 7x5 staggered split with thumb joysticks. Committed by d3lxa.


YAEMK keyboard

The YAEMK keyboard by KarlK90 is running QMK on an ARM or RISC-V MCU (site, repo).


Peregrine by SouthPawEngineer, a wireless ergonomic board with a built in trackpad module that can be removed and used separately.