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Squeezebox v2112

The latest working build of the custom Squeezebox split ergonomic keyboard by focusaurus.
Published January 4, 2022

Fellow Redditor focusaurus published the latest working build of his Squeezebox custom split ergonomic keyboard.

This project was first featured in KBD last April, in Issue #23. The most remarkable feature of Squeezbox, as I wrote then, was that:

[...]the very tight spacing of the keys in the middle and bottom rows allows chording without finger repositioning.

In other words, it has two home rows.

Author focusaurus hasn't been idle in the meantime and the new features in this latest version include:

  • slots for adjustment of columnar stagger now on base plate. No more magnets. Everything is slots and bolts.
  • splay angle adjustment done via bolting front of column to an offset slot relative to the back
  • Added an extra column for the pinky
  • new thumb cluster post design and mechanics
  • new JST connector wires for daisy chaining the columns
  • new brain box housing design
  • red and black color scheme "a la 80s TV action shows"

In addition, here is a blog post about the novelties with references to the previous working builds if you want to see the evolution of the design.

This one is much less janky than the previous and I'm as of now hopeful/optimistic that this can become my daily driver. This is made more likely by the fact that the layout is nearly identical to my current TBK Mini daily driver so the switch will be just form factor and not having to also switch to a subtlely different keymap – focusaurus.

Files to 3D print the Squeezbox are available on

Published on Tue 4th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #60 (source).

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