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Squeezebox v2209

Peter Lyons announced Squeezebox v2209, the latest iteration of his distinctive ergo keyboard.
Published October 13, 2022
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Squeezebox is a scooped split ergonomic keyboard by Peter Lyons aka focusaurus. This latest version features a PCB instead of full hand wiring.

The most spectacular feature in my opinion is the "home corner". To achieve this, Peter simply hits the bare stems without keycaps.

(You can find previous iterations of this project introduced on here and here.)


  • Steeply scooped keywells creating a "home corner" arrangement
  • Mechanically adjustable column stagger, splay angle, and column height
  • Kailh Choc Mini switches chopped smaller for tighter spacing
  • PCB to keep the wiring and diodes much tidier
  • New key arrangement gives 4 keys to index, 4 to middle, 3 to ring, and 2 to pinky
  • No keycaps


This project was sponsored by PCBWay (as well). (Check out this page for some coupons.)

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Published on Thu 13th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #99 (source).


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