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Squished75 case

A 3D printed case of a custom 75% handwired keyboard by toastteebun.
Published January 7, 2022

While this keyboard project is till work in progress, the author teased the case – printed in two parts and held together by the slide-in plate.

Custom layout, real similar to some 75% boards out there, just wanted to build something to fit my needs exactly. Plus it's a good excuse to learn how to hand wire a board. Still waiting on some parts before I can start the wiring process.

Here's how it all fits together:

Most 3D printed cases require screws or fasteners. Wanted to try something different, not the best solution, but we'll see how it turns out – Paul Williams.

Published on Fri 7th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #60 (source).

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