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Starship Bubu & OmegaSupreme

Protieusz shared a standalone trackball along with an open-source trackball module: Starship Bubu-01 and OmegaSupreme.
Published November 14, 2023
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After last week's DragonFruit keyboard, Protieusz is already back with the OmegaSupreme trackball module with on-board components, and the Starship Bubu-01 standalone trackball unit built around that module.

This is called the Starship Bubu-01 prototype, a working concept prototype of a solo trackball using my OmegaSupreme module that was inspired by Ariamelon's Kiwano VIK module and jfedor2's RP2040 & PMW3360 module that contains the integrated RP2040 components with PER56 encoder, PMW3360 sensor integrated into the all-in-one PCB unit – Protieusz.



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Published on Tue 14th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #144.


64-key split

This 64-key split by SKZBadHabit features a pointing stick/trackball (gallery).

Dactyl TypeSafe

This wireless vertical Dactyl TypeSafe was designed and shared by u/tewtham.


Protieusz shared Ballz-Out, a Lesovoz style ortho board with trackball and trackpad support.


Skribbles4420 shared the files of his OpenOT, a 5x11 ortholinear keyboard with an integrated trackball.


ProtieusKeeb's monoblock Sentinel, inspired by Le Chiffre, comes with an interchangeable trackball unit.

Trackball bearing comparison

A comparison of trackball bearings: (cheap) rollers, BTUs and static bearings – by wiwilwi.