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Cbskii's Storyboard is a 5x12 hotswap ortholinear keyboard with an e-ink display.
Published November 2, 2023
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The Storyboard by cbskii is an open-source 5x12 ortho with an e-ink display in the middle. Inspired by boards like the Lumberjack, Bakeneko 60 and Ghoul, the Storyboard supports Sparkfun's Micromod processor boards, keypress interrupts, and universal USB daughterboards.

This is a hobby project so I've designed the keyboard with learning and experimentation in mind. Most components are SMT and can be assembled by the PCB manufacturer for added cost leaving only a few headers to be soldered by hand – cbskii.


  • 60 keys, 5x12 ortholinear arrangement
  • Hotswap, MX (only)
  • E-Ink display for personalization (3.52" Waveshare e-Paper HAT).
  • Sparkfun Micromod processor board support, allowing for easy swap of the underlying MCU and related functionality (requires firmware change).
  • Shift register based key matrix that requires only 4 GPIOs.
  • Key press interrupt support to enable lower power usage modes.
  • USB daughterboard support (e.g. Unified Daughterboard).
  • QMK firmware


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Published on Thu 2nd Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #142 (source).


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